What precautions should be taken when using MDF-500®?

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MDF-500® is a skin and mucus membrane irritant. Do not get in eyes, or skin, or on clothing. We recommend the user wear protective eyeglasses (goggles, face shields, safety glasses), protective clothing and waterproof gloves. MDF-500® is harmful if swallowed. The vapors may cause respiratory irritation. When contamination is discovered in a confined area, the [...]

How do extreme temperatures affect MDF-500®?

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MDF-500® will freeze at a 32 Fahrenheit (0 Celsius), with a boiling point at 212 Fahrenheit (93 Celsius). MDF-500® will begin to degrade at a higher rate when subjected to temperatures in excess of 120 Fahrenheit (49 Celsius). When Parts A + B are mixed, the freezing point of the solution remains the same at [...]