Our manufacturer’s decontamination formula, Modec’s MDF-200®, is the EPA-registered commercial version of Sandia Lab’s DF 200, and is a manufactured pursuant to its license number 15-N08036 with the Sandia Corp. Modec’s MDF-200® is registered with the USEPA under FIRFA No. 91899-1/2.

MDF-500® is manufactured identically to the original specifications of the original specifications of the original Modec DF 200 in accordance with Part A and Part B without the Part C, optional accelerator (Diacetin). Combined Parts A, B, and C make the MDF-200® formulation.

Since 1996, under pursuant licenses, we have manufactured the environmentally friendly decontaminates and microorganism inhibitors MDF-200® (DF-200) and MDF-500®. These two decontamination chemicals have a wide range of uses. Our manufacturer represents a skilled team that has more than 65 years of combined experience in the chemical formulation, manufacturing and distribution spheres. Our manufacturer is proud to offer the finest decontamination products available on the market today. Our manufacturer is a disabled veteran-owned small business.