Less product, more coverage:

  • A gallon of MDF-500® (A+B) treats 2500-4000 sq. ft in a residential and roughly 7,500 sq. ft in commercial and area application depending on the structure contents.
  • MDF-500® is both the safest and the strongest product on the market today making it possible to reduce spore counts and neutralize odors in large spaces effectively with a limited quantity of product when compared to the effectiveness and coverage of other products.
  • Faster turnaround time. When MDF-500® is used correctly, the first time is the testing rule. Removing equipment before last fogging can save a trip back to the site.
  • Because of superior efficacy, fogging with MDF-500® can reduce the need for costly equipment and manpower required to complete the typical mold and/or mildew remediation.
  • Non-destructive remediation may drastically reduce the amount of structural removal necessary which saves client costs and reduces the cost of labor and time for the contractor.
  • Odorless: once dried, does not leave an odor behind.
  • Color free: once dried, does not leave any discoloration behind, drying clear.
  • Application by the ULV sprayer is the most effective method for application.
  • Will remain active for 8 hours when wet. The mixed product becomes inert after this time.