MDF-500® treats damage from water, smoke, fire, odor, mold, meth, trauma, and biological (natural and man-made) contaminants.

General preparation

MDF-500® is a two-part solution that does not require dilution.* Combine equal parts of A and B and gently stir for 10-15 seconds. The solution is active for 8 hours.

  • To activate MDF-500®, mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B.
  • One gallon treats 2,500 – 4,000 square feet, depending on the concentration.
  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the application environment: suggested PPE includes chemical resistant suit, chemical resistant goggles, chemical resistant gloves and half face respirator are recommended

* Product may be diluted for lighter applications. DO NOT DILUTE when treating mold or when independent testing is required.

Site preparation

  • Vacate the treatment area during the application process.
  • Individuals may return to their lightly fogged/sprayed area after ten minutes.
  • Remove all pets and small plants (cover larger plants with drop cloth)
  • Cover aquariums and turn off aquarium aerator pumps. Pumps should remain off for a minimum of 8 hours following completion of application.
  • Cover sensitive wood furnishings (polished tables, pianos, etc.) and hardwood floors with protective tarps or drop cloths when using a wet-spray application (Micron 20+).
  • Reasonable water mitigation is always the first step. Loose debris removal is the second step. On a high density contamination, a pre-treatment is recommended (10 minute dwell time with proper ventilation) before the treatment application. In most circumstances, a single application is all that is needed to achieve a 99.99999% (Log 7) kill rate.

Initial spray/fog/foam application procedures

  • Atomize or “(ULV)” Cold Mist Spray/Fog/Foam the entire contaminated area.
  • Make sure the nozzle is adjusted to the proper volume of mist droplets (Micron rate recommendation for MDF-500® is a Micron rate of 5-10). Ideal dispersion rate ensures treated surfaces are dampened by MDF-500®, but not to the point of run-off or over-saturation.
  • Where necessary, a denser, “wetter” (Micron level 10-15 for MDF-500®) spray/fog/foam may be necessary for dense areas of mold contamination.
  • MDF-500® is an excellent germicide (hospital grade) and odor remover.
  • MDF-500® is an excellent commercial laundry cleaning agent in a 15:1 dilution.
  • MDF-500® is an excellent carpet cleaning agent at a 20:1 dilution.
  • MDF-500® can treat both contaminated grey and black water (foam application) at 10:1.

Dwell time for structure

  • For high density mold treated areas, the treated area should be sealed for eight hours after each application (dwell time) until the MDF-500® agent becomes inert.
  • Air scrubbing and/or negative ventilation may be used by a certified technician to reduce the reaction time frame. Follow all regulations regarding PPE recommendations prior to re-entry into any treated areas before the 8 hour dwell time period has concluded. Re-entry times may be accelerated with proper ventilation, and once visible fog is gone.

Ventilating the building when post-application testing is performed

If post-remediation verification will be performed by an independent IEP or IH, do not ventilate the treated area until the verification is completed.

For optimum results, do not have structure tested until 24 hours have passed after last application. It is critical not to test too soon. Treated areas can then have exhaust fans turned on and windows opened to exchange air, after testing.


Used as directed, a light to normal treatment will require no cleanup. In heavy treatments it may be necessary to wipe some surfaces to remove excess surfactant.


Use a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system, and vacuum all treated carpets once dried.

Non-porous surfaces

In the case of smoke mitigation, fire damage, meth lab clean-up, mold/mildew remediation, and bacterial contaminants, MDF-500 encapsulates volatile substances and will remove volatile substances when wiped away. NOTE: Post-testing is required for meth lab clean-up.


MDF-500® is a tool in the duct cleaning process. NADCA states that all surfaces must me physically cleaned in a true duct cleaning process. Most duct are also internally lined and penetration may be minimal on duct board. Remove filter and/or return air end cap. Direct spray unit into area and run the “fan on” setting for approximately five minutes or until MDF-500® is seen coming out of supply registers (spraying time is dependent on size and scope of ventilation system). If AC system has extensive ducting (commercial), a series of blocked registers and systematic treatment for each “arm” may be necessary.

Cleaning application equipment

Clean equipment by rinsing thoroughly with water after every job no later than one hour after application is completed. Water can be run through the ULV sprayer for one minute to clean interior mechanisms.

Effectively Eradicate Pathogens & More

Eco-friendly and much safer than common household cleaners such as bleach, MDF-500® has a virtually inexhaustible range of applications in commercial, industrial, military, law enforcement, and healthcare environments. Contact us now to learn more.