We are proud to offer businesses, schools, government agencies, and residents the very best way to eradicate viruses and pathogens from their properties.

MDF-500®, our EPA-registered formulation, is a proven broad-spectrum bactericide, virucide and fungicide that safely eliminates pathogens and biologicals as well as mold, mildew, odors, and bacterial and viral germs.

Strong enough to kill ebola, but safe enough to clean your shower, MDF-500® in the hands of our trained specialists will get the job done for you, whether we’re attacking the problem in a vehicle, medical facility, locker room, or residence.

First, let’s explore the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing. (Swipe right on mobile.)

Cleaning Sanitizing Disinfecting MDF-500®
Removes some germs, but does not kill them Lowers the number of bacteria that’s considered safe by public health organizations Kills bacteria, but does not kill microorganisms and spores Kills all forms of viruses, microorganisms and spores

It’s important to use the right product for the right service!